New Beginnings

That the world may know...

Every school year is full of new beginnings.

This year was particularly new–a new district, a new school, a new staff to get to know, a new classroom, and of course, new students. As I continue to navigate the new aspects, I also remember the people who have been a part of this journey so far. 

As I pulled out my books, I found “Herman the Helper”–D’s favorite book. I smiled as I remembered him reading his first level J book. I laughed also, at the fact that he read this book over and over, sometimes to spite me when he didn’t want to read a more challenging book. As I remember D, I remember the power of unlocking a student’s potential; and the long, difficult, yet rewarding journey. 

As I continued to unpack, I discovered “Mr. Peabody”, a small stuffed dog that sat on my bookshelf. He was named…

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